Where it all started 17/05/08

Daylight? Never thought I’d see it…

I was sat in a group session whilst in a treatment centre for alcohol addiction. Looking out a window in a dream state, as usual, I found myself thinking “Why am I here?” I am in recovery! I would love to give something back… but what? I know! www.in-recovery.com! wouldn’t that be great! I have learnt so much about myself. I have learnt how to care, the only time care ever came up was “I don’t care”. I had no respect, no ambition and most of all NO hope!

Alcohol and drugs took hope away from me

I had no understanding of what was happening to me. I had an illness that I thought was unique, it was only me that had it. Who’s fault was it?¬†Certainly not mine! Everything and everyone around me, that’s where I put the blame. I just didn’t care, and not surprisingly, neither did anyone else. It very nearly cost me my life. And at the time I didn’t really care about that either.

Enough was enough…

I said to myself whilst having a drink after 10 days in a hospital. I was sick of being sick. I needed help and accepted this for the first time in my life. Why? No idea! someone or something was watching me. I¬†am on a journey, if I ever say to myself I’m fixed… That’s the day I will no longer be!

Where are we going?

This site will be run solely by people who have been in recovery experienced issues with any form of mood-altering addictions, or have been in some way, involved in the addiction treatment field of work.

There are NO governing body/parties.

This is a site that has been set up to promote awareness, offer direction and support for the still suffering addict, worried family members, ex-treatment centre clients who wish to add content. Also, members of the general public who feel they have something to offer are most welcome. We are addressing all forms of addiction, not just drugs, alcohol, or gambling.

Dedicated Message Board and chat will be available for people who are, have been in, or considering treatment. As well as for site visitors. You may just wish to find out what addiction and different types of treatment are all about
It’s your site! Use it!


We intend to work hand in hand with other organizations with the same interests and commitments.
Our mission statement is simple:

There is hope for everyone!

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