All About Us

We are a group of people recovering from one form of addiction or another, who have been to hell and back. Today we are “free” of that grip, and we would like to give something back. So we came up with this website. Its purpose will not be a textbook addiction recovery lesson and the “right” way to break loose. No.

As far as the author of this site, and others that are involved, there is no right way, or a template recovery plan. Each of us are different, therefore we each go about abstinence in our own way, as will the many that follow. There is however, one need that we all share, and that is a requirement for help in one form or another. Some may do fine with some support, like maybe a day care centre. Others (including the author) need to be kinda shut out from the world for a while, to stay safe. Some swear by N/A or A/A meetings etc… Some do not. Each individual’s way of dealing with addiction is different. There is NO guaranteed rubber stamped solution. Although we hope to provide some technical information on addiction and substances, it will not be in depth. We will provide with the links to many other sites dealing with just that

So with that, we bring you to the main theme of this site and that is “US,” we who are recovering from different forms of addiction. Many people that work within the addiction services are in fact, recovering from one form of addiction. That’s what we are all about. This site is to share. Share problems, share joys, share achievements, share experiences. There will be visitor submission sections coming soon for people to submit creative writings, poetry, artwork etc. As well as our message board to leave comments on anything you feel is related to what we are striving to achieve, or even just to babble for a while? if that’s the mood you are in.