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in-recovery.com is probably The UK’s most successful independent addiction website that has no governing bodies or third parties, with total security that gives peace of mind to all visitors, ensuring that there will be no tracking or credentials passed on to any third party. For example, anyone visiting this site can do so with peace of mind knowing total anonymity is paramount. “There is help for everybody”, we strive to cover all types of addiction, with links and articles for you to browse at your leisure, be it for yourself or on behalf of a family member, friend, or someone you may be concerned about.

Founded in 2007, I myself as the owner and author, have experienced the highs and lows of addiction through alcohol and prescription drug abuse, coupled with anxiety and depression. I have witnessed close friends suffer and, in some cases, lose their battle to survive. We are fully aware that all types of addiction are an illness, not just a habit of choice.

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Mental Health

Psychological health concerns are getting a lot more coverage than before. Consequently, the illness will be less stigmatised. Individuals with psychological health conditions are more likely than people without psychological health problems to experience an alcohol or substance-use problem. Some of the more deadly mental health problems are generally eating problems. Medications The four main

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OCD Behaviour

Are You Suffering Fom OCD? You find we all suffer from some form of Obsessive Disorder. As simple as checking a couple fo time the fridge door is shut. OCD is ranked in the top ten of the most disabling illnesses of any kind, in terms of lost earnings and diminished quality of life. OCD

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Alcohol Dependency

To some degree, the majority of people at some stage in their lifetime to have an amount of alcohol dependency. This may be for a variety of reason like work-related stress and anxiety or the loss of a member of a family or close friend. Whoever has developed a dependency on alcohol typically do not

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