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The Fractured

Families torn;
By addiction, bonds cracked
Begin to rusting,
Eroding with disuse.

Bonds cracked; gape
Into holes between them.
Parents live in fear
Of the phone ringing in the night.

In sobriety; trust
Is hard to find.
Families learn from experience
Through memories of the years.

Learning and learning,
On both sides required.
Courage to trust, rebuild;
In both, in leaps of faith.

Decisions are disputed,
Fired by old ways of thought.
How co-dependant of both.
Neither at fault.

Trust in each other,
In both; is earned
Through decisions,
Acts and deeds done.

Inch by inch, those
Gaping holes are sealed,
With the glue of trust.
Individualities’ revealed.

Together, now as one
Family re-formed. Eternal light;
Will illuminate us
With promise and hope.

In the light, we;
As a family, shine brighter
Than any lone one.
We shine brighter than the sun.

©James Walford 2013

Thank You

A special thank you to:

David Bean, Bryan Meloy, Liz, Pauline, Howard, Sean & all my friends at (Independence Trust) & (C.I.S)

Gwen Bridges, Helen Mcilvany, Neil Jennings, Sarah Welch, Tony Gardiner, Louise, Robyn & all at: Countywide Specialist Substance Misuse Service

Philip Trenchard, Jo Bell,
Lou, Matthew, Trudy, Ian,
Stan, Frankie, Fiona,
ETE Staff, Toni, Silvana,
ucy, Beanie
and everybody associated with The Nelson Trust

Pat Bugler, Mellisa, Val, John & the staff at Westcliff House

Dr D P Knight Rosebank Surgery
Dr Waldon Rowcroft Medical Center
Dr D Kempson Locking Hill Surgery

More special thanks to:

Nick Kelly
Phil (thrasher), Shar (misfit)
Helen (livin' life clean),
Clayton (the driver),
Sheena(the voice),
Jacky N,
Mandy M, Laura, Isis. Sam,
Anne T, 
Dean. Alicia, 
Tiffany. Darren,

Andy (west ham), 
Mark (london), Vikki, Chris,
Charlie. Ed (spurs). Jane. Jo
Karen V. Maureen. Nick
Sharon (surrey). Steph. Rick,
Steve (Tetbury), Gill (Stroud

Sam, Dave, Andy, Phil, Steve, Jackie, Dean, Nera, and Essex Girl (Westcliffe House) 2005... and many more.

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