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So you’ve not had drink,
Taken the first step.
Sober, relaxed,
Or your knuckles white?

What’d you think?
You’d be walking
The yellow brick road
From here on in?

Take a look,
Take a listen,
Hear anything,
Feel anything?

That little devil on your shoulder;
He’s keeping his mouth shut tight?
A little breathing space,
Till he can pick a fight.

Oh, he’ll wake up,
Start shouting muck in your ear.
Some place, he’ll say
“It’s okay to have a drink here”

He’ll start telling you:
“You aren’t as bad as the others”
“Get back in the bar with your brothers”
He’s just biding time to pick a fight.

But you’re here
Sat in a seat, safe;
From all that devils heat.
Stay sat, listen.


You’ll hear the same,
From others,
Who’ve shared your plight.
Staying sat here is doing us right.

Here begins the journey,
Step by step,
Day by day
One day at a time.

Soon you’ll realize,
That devil; he’s teeth are blunt
He can’t bite.
Surrender; deny him the fight.

You’ll come to see,
You are powerless; over
The devils presence
But now you’re getting spiritual essence.

Embracing that spirit, just;
One day at a time,
Whoever he, she, it may be.
Whatever it is; it’s helping thee.

Be guided by spirit.
Wherever it’s found.
It sniffs out the devil,
Like a hungry blood hound.

Sooner you surrender,
Turn the self-will over;
To the spirit,
You’ll start feeling sane in it.

Trust me that spirit
Has got a gun, and a vicious aim
Loves to shoot devils.
Because each one he caps?

Helps keep you sane,
Another sane,
And another lonely user;
From feeling so ashamed.

Reach out, spread the word;
With love, don’t push or shove,
Just show the way. To fill,
That empty seat next to you one day.

©James Walford 2013

Thank You

A special thank you to:

David Bean, Bryan Meloy, Liz, Pauline, Howard, Sean & all my friends at (Independence Trust) & (C.I.S)

Gwen Bridges, Helen Mcilvany, Neil Jennings, Sarah Welch, Tony Gardiner, Louise, Robyn & all at: Countywide Specialist Substance Misuse Service

Philip Trenchard, Jo Bell,
Lou, Matthew, Trudy, Ian,
Stan, Frankie, Fiona,
ETE Staff, Toni, Silvana,
ucy, Beanie
and everybody associated with The Nelson Trust

Pat Bugler, Mellisa, Val, John & the staff at Westcliff House

Dr D P Knight Rosebank Surgery
Dr Waldon Rowcroft Medical Center
Dr D Kempson Locking Hill Surgery

More special thanks to:

Nick Kelly
Phil (thrasher), Shar (misfit)
Helen (livin' life clean),
Clayton (the driver),
Sheena(the voice),
Jacky N,
Mandy M, Laura, Isis. Sam,
Anne T, 
Dean. Alicia, 
Tiffany. Darren,

Andy (west ham), 
Mark (london), Vikki, Chris,
Charlie. Ed (spurs). Jane. Jo
Karen V. Maureen. Nick
Sharon (surrey). Steph. Rick,
Steve (Tetbury), Gill (Stroud

Sam, Dave, Andy, Phil, Steve, Jackie, Dean, Nera, and Essex Girl (Westcliffe House) 2005... and many more.

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