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Weston Pier

It was very sad to see the remains of Weston Pier.

This picture was taken on August Bank Holiday Monday. As we can see here, what used to be a busy holiday resort, appears to be deserted?

I myself spent 20 weeks at a treatment centre in Weston for alcohol addiction. This was a self empowerment program, which totally changed my outlook to life, and myself. Weston is a lovely place to spend time in rehabilitation, with lovely surroundings, the view of the sea and the wonderful fresh air, which, to myself was never appreciated whilst under the grip of addiction.

There are reportedly more than 27 treatment centres in this town, housing up to 400 clients at any one time. When i was allowed free time, it was great to it just wandering and taking in the atmosphere with the other clients. Even a walk in the evening was a great way to relax and clear my head after what was usually a heavy day of therapy sessions, normaly three a day. Whilst I was in Weston, I found the local residents to be very friendly. I expected some form of hostility towards me, but it was totally the opposite! Cafe's were very accommodating towards us, and would often ask how long we were staying for, and sometimes would ask what our future plans were. Weston now finds itself in-recovery from fire damage to its famous pier, but the future is very positive and there is a link at the bottom of this page to view the great plans they have in place.

Some clients decided to stay in Weston and move on to a dry house, which is sometimes up to one year.

As most clients are not from Weston, the local authorites are normally responsible for the welfare of people returning to their local area following treatment. some, like myself, are lucky enough to visit from time to time, to reflect on life now and then. I for one will be forever greatful to Weston Super Mare for all the kindness shown to myself and others alike, on the road to recovery.

Written by: Mark Leigh

"There Is Hope For Everyone!"

Thank You

A special thank you to:

David Bean, Bryan Meloy, Liz, Pauline, Howard, Sean & all my friends at (Independence Trust) & (C.I.S)

Gwen Bridges, Helen Mcilvany, Neil Jennings, Sarah Welch, Tony Gardiner, Louise, Robyn & all at: Countywide Specialist Substance Misuse Service

Philip Trenchard, Jo Bell,
Lou, Matthew, Trudy, Ian,
Stan, Frankie, Fiona,
ETE Staff, Toni, Silvana,
ucy, Beanie
and everybody associated with The Nelson Trust

Pat Bugler, Mellisa, Val, John & the staff at Westcliff House

Dr D P Knight Rosebank Surgery
Dr Waldon Rowcroft Medical Center
Dr D Kempson Locking Hill Surgery

More special thanks to:

Nick Kelly
Phil (thrasher), Shar (misfit)
Helen (livin' life clean),
Clayton (the driver),
Sheena(the voice),
Jacky N,
Mandy M, Laura, Isis. Sam,
Anne T, 
Dean. Alicia, 
Tiffany. Darren,

Andy (west ham), 
Mark (london), Vikki, Chris,
Charlie. Ed (spurs). Jane. Jo
Karen V. Maureen. Nick
Sharon (surrey). Steph. Rick,
Steve (Tetbury), Gill (Stroud

Sam, Dave, Andy, Phil, Steve, Jackie, Dean, Nera, and Essex Girl (Westcliffe House) 2005... and many more.

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