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My Childhood with a Future Sociopath Released for Kindlebooks

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

Despite the sound of its title, My Childhood with a Future Sociopath: Aida and Eliza is actually quite comical, lacking the dark and dreary tone I expected. Its the third installment of Kitaro’s Kings of Ybor saga where he focuses on the back story of one of the three kings.

The first was of Braden Pierce, the prodigy enforcer and nephew to the head of the Pierce Syndicate. The second was of Gavin Hassell, the ruthless mercenary with an obsessive compulsive need for attention. And now were finally introduced to the vigilante leader of a militia vowing to take down the syndicate, Eliza Christie.

In this amusing narrative, pious and good-natured student, Aida Jennazzo reminisces about the day she first met the infamous leader of August the 18th, Eliza Christie. Even as children, Eliza exuded the personality of someone who would one day make men bow down before her. And while the two were initially thick as thieves, equal but opposite and joined at the hip during their waddling days, there was one incident that would scar Aida and change the way she saw her childhood friend. It was the day that Eliza released an inner demon that would go on to dictate her violent need for retaliation for the rest of her life.

Sadly, this will be the last e-book Rock Kitaro plans to publish for some time as he sets off to begin work on his second novel. While he hasnt even published his first novel thats just sitting in the dust waiting for a literary agent to pick it up, Kitaro is a true Romanticist who believes that winter is the season where his creativity flows. He refuses to squander that cauldron of creativity by spending hours writing query letters. He intends to save that task until spring.

If you wish to stay up to date with Rock Kitaros latest activities, philosophies and the free premises he seems to give away at a whim, follow his website at, like his Stage in the Sky Facebook page or follow him on twitter @Rock30815. P.S. If you check out his website and visit the character Bios page, youll find that if Rock had his way, hed cast Aly Michalka as the outlaw, Eliza Christie.

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