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Monthly Archives: December 2013

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High Anxiety [DVD]

High Anxiety [DVD]

High Anxiety [DVD]

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Gillette Derma 250ml Comfort Anti Perspirant Deodorant Spray

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Anyone know whats happening to me?

Question by Jon: Anyone know whats happening to me?
today will be the 9th day since i quit smoking Marijuana and tobacco. i had a lot of withdrawal symptons such as extreme anxiety, loss of appetite, intense heartburn type sensations etc etc luckily they have for the most part gone. how ever. im still having really bad trouble sleeping for any long periods of time. the act of getting to sleep ISNT the problem, i go to bed around 11ish and read until i can no longer keep my eyes open and conk out very easily. how ever. i wake up a couple of hours later really hot (no matter how cold it is in my room) and my mind is racing and thinking really weird thoughts and i cant get back to sleep again and when i do manage to its only for 45 mins or so. i DONT eat after 6pm and i dont drink ANY caffeine after lunch time. after 7 nights with little to no sleep its really effecting my days. i dont want to use sleeping medication because then im relying on something to put myself to sleep rather than naturally. any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by Nancy Bee
its more an effect from quitting weed.
U just have to hang in there. Drink atleast a litre of water a day to help flush out toxins, get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, and if u havent already, get active: daily excercise will not only make u feel better, it helps u sleep better.

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