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Monthly Archives: October 2013

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CBT Program Helps Some Teens Lower Their Depression Risk

CBT Program Helps Some Teens Lower Their Depression Risk
“The program particularly focused on unrealistic or highly negative self-talk (for instance, 'If I don't get 100 percent on this test, I'll be a failure for life'). Once teens became skilled at uncovering these beliefs, we taught them to test the …
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0000 payout for employee sacked for failing competency test while suffering
The employee was involved in a train crash, which led to him suffering PTSD and depression. Following the crash, the employee was required to undertake a competency-based assessment. Just before undertaking the assessment, the employee became …
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Latest Hoarding News

Hoarding prevents quick rescue of Bronx man during fire
Fire officials said there were Collyer's Mansion conditions in the burning apartment, a term for clutter derived from Homer and Langley Collyer, two reclusive brothers who became famous for their compulsive hoarding at their uptown Fifth Ave. home in …
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Investigator: Animal hoarding often begins with rescuing
Although uncomfortable with the term “hoarding” — a recent catch-phrase, he believes — Streff sees powerful psychological forces activating serial animal collecting, an obsession sometimes praised and encouraged by a public and media that confuses …
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Hoarding Horrors
Comments. Related links. Comments ( extant). Loading comments… By guest. 10/28/13 10:13 AM. I onced lived right next to a woman who hoarded dirty adult diapers. As soon as I found out why my foyer and the hallway smelled like rancid feces, I moved out.
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'Coming Clean' About Growing Up In A Hoarding Household
Kimberly Rae Miller grew up among piles of junk. Doors wouldn't close, stacks of paper turned to sludge, and the pool was filled with brown muck. Her father was a hoarder — in the most extreme kind of way. Host Michel Martin talks to Miller about how …
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Habilitat Hawaii Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment & Vocational Training Program

Habilitat Hawaii Extended-Phrase Residential Substance Abuse Treatment & Vocational Training System Has been helping folks since 1971. We are acknowledged as one particular o…
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Carrie came from Chicago to Habilitat Hawaii Lengthy Phrase Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center to get support to overcome her addiction. Soon after a couple of really d…
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