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Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Signs of Alcohol Poisoning and What to Do

This video is was created by Off Campus Life and GatorWell in an effort to educate students about what to do when someone is experiencing alcohol poisoning. First and foremost never hesitate to call 911 if you are concerned someone is experiencing alcohol poisoning or overdose. Watch the video for a full explanation of symptoms and steps to take. For other alcohol safety tips, please check out our Party Safety video:
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Since drinkable alcohol has been around, so has alcohol poisoning. What is alcohol poisoning? It happens when a person drinks too much alcoholic beverages giving the body a toxic reaction to the alcohol. Want to find out the symptoms of alcohol poisoning or brush up on what you know already? Ever person who consumes alcohol should be aware of these symptoms, not only to help themselves, but to have the ability to help a friend or a stranger.
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Bipolar Teen Then and Now Reviews

Bipolar Teen Then and Now

Bipolar Teen Then and Now

A blog based on teenager Aurora, the protoganist in the YA novel Light Fixtures, who discovers that she has the onset, bipolar disorder and how she would deal with it today

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Bipolar Disorder : Symptoms, Management and Risk Factors, Hardcover by Moore,...

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Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar Disorder Types, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment, Causes
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Top Treatments for Alcoholism

Alcoholism can be taken care of with various methods at diverse facilities. Understand about the best options for alcoholism therapy.
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Discusses revolutionary clinically tested self support therapies for Alcoholism.
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Internet Gambling, Online Poker Addiction The American Psychiatric Association issued a health advisory (January 16, 2001) about Internet gambling. The advisory, from the committee on Treatment Services for Addicted Patients, notes that there has been tremendous growth of gambling opportunities in the last several years. This includes Internet gambling aimed at children and teenagers. Children can link to gambling sites from other game sites, and are lured by free gifts and discounts. Internet gambling can be more dangerous than other forms of gambling since there are few – if any – regulations as to fairness, and most of the operators are outside the US. These operations are not regulated by state or federal statutes, so there is no control over the types of games available or the ages of the participants. Hackers can manipulate the games, and can gain access to credit card numbers and funds. As of 2000, there were more than 1300 online gambling sites with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Research has shown a correlation between the availability of legal gambling in a state, and the proportion of the state’s population who report gambling addiction or lesser problems. In all states, the rates of gambling problems are highest in high school and college-aged young adults. According to the advisory, about 10% to 15% of young people surveyed in the US and Canada report having experienced one or more problems related to gambling. This includes an estimated 1% to 6% who may
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Self harmers..have you ever (mental health)?

Question by SH2007: Self harmers..have you ever (mental health)?
Shown your scars or wounds to the doctor or told them? If so what happened??

Sorry had to write “mental health” in the question as it wasn’t allowing me to choose it as a category otherwise.

Best answer:

Answer by Jonesy
I self harmed when I was younger and have stopped now and this happened by me seeking help through counselling and other support services. I am sure that if you were to show them then you would be referred for some form of counselling.

Take care and I hope that this has been helpful.

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am i likely to develop mental problems? ?

Question by Lozza: am i likely to develop mental problems? ?
I have a history of mental illness in my family, my dad committed suicide from clinical depression and my aunt is schizophrenic, im 16 and have a very self destructive nature, recently i have become quite dependent on alcohol, sex, cigarettes and i do occasionally take cannabis – i was wondering what the likelihood of me developing a mental illness from the cannabis was? – what kind of mental illness aswell – is it always schizophrenia and yehh what’s the most likely thing to happen basically??

Best answer:

Answer by Mr-K-

But be careful.

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Exclusive Alcohol Treatment

Exclusive Alcohol Treatment Information about and in which to get support for alcohol addiction exclusive alcohol remedy treatment method facilities for alcoholism alcohol recovery procedure addiction treatment method and recovery addiction and alcoholism leading alcohol remedy centers therapy center…
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The Biology of Stress (Mental Health Guru)

When you’re always under pressure, stress symptoms hammer away at your mental health. Here, we discuss tried-and-true ways to relieve stress.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Here’s my promise to you, In the next two minutes, I’m gonna reveal to you a way how to spot the symptoms of stress. Since stress can build up quite quickly, you should look out for the warning signs before this may trigger or lead to serious health problems. So sit down and pay attention, cause you are going to learn the facts about these stress symptoms. Here’s the myth: Stress does not exist where indications are not found. Here’s the fact: stress is something that not everyone knows that they are experiencing. That is, the absence of symptoms doesnt mean the absence of stress. In fact, there are a lot of minor symptoms that people tend to ignore, or even haven’t known of. Now here’s one tip: Physical symptoms are the easiest ones to spot for stress. Brain fuzziness, lack of concentration and even dandruff can be the result of too much stress. Stress can cause your pupils to dilate, which can cause blurred vision. Dry mouth is another stress symptom. Sore teeth may also indicate that you are clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth as a reaction to stress. Another one is the mental symptoms: Anger, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, lack of crying, lack of appetite or even food cravings are just some of these common symptoms, the most common being the panic attacks. Giving attention to only the major symptoms of stress is not a good thing. In fact, these major signs are results of the minor indications that are left unattended and
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